Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day One! Versatile Chicken!

Welcome to my cooking blog! I am going to post easy, busy mom friendly, recipes everyday for a year. As a single mom of 3 I found that between balancing sports, school, friends and activities it became nearly impossible to cook a well balanced meal every I started getting creative! I make a meat (say chicken) on Sunday. I make five or six chicken breasts, then serve some for dinner that night and freeze the rest. Then the next night I make a meal with some of that chicken and say, noodles, then the next night chicken salad..and so on and so forth.

My first recipe will be for the chicken. It is flavorful but mild so it can be used in all of the next weeks recipes.

Items needed:

5 + chicken breast
Red Wine and Oil salad dressing
Soy Sauce
Adobo Seasoning (if you cannot find adobo do a strong mixture of garlic powder, salt and pepper)
Tony Creole Seasoning
Salt and Pepper

In a 9x13 baking dish add all seasonings to chicken
Pour the dressing and soy over the top until you have a good amount sitting in the bottom of the pan.
Cook at 350 until done
Let it sit in the pan for awhile to absorb the tastes on the bottom!

VOILA!! Super easy and amazing!

Check tomorrow for another recipe for this chicken!


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