Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toasted Sesame Ginger Chicken Salad

Day 2!!

Ok so remember the chicken you made from yesterdays recipe? It's time to put it to even yummier use! :-D

Items needed:
Cooked Chicken (if you refrigerated yesterdays chicken then you will want to reheat it a little but do not make it hot)
Oriental crispy noodles
Your favorite mixture of greens (romaine..etc)
Feta (yes I know it's Greek in our Asian salad:-)
Toasted sesame ginger dressing (lighthouse fridge section)
Peppers (red,orange) (optional)
Shaved Almonds (optional)

Mix your greens, spinach and peppers in a large bowl.
Cut a chicken breast or two (depending on size) into small salad like pieces and add to the salad mixture.
Add desired amount of dressing (do not saturate)
Add crispy noodles, almonds and feta.

This is a simple recipe that takes no effort but tastes amazing! It is filling so it can be used as a meal in its self on hot summer days!!, kids love it too!!


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